Nick Newman and Sharon Collins

Tricia ronan dating after divorce

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Nick forgave Sharon after it was revealed she was suffering from bipolar disorder during the time she did all those things. While Paul and business partner Andy Richards Steven Ford work undercover to infiltrate organized crime, he dates prostitute Cindy Lake. But all came to a screeching halt when Victoria entered the room.

Nick Newman and Sharon Collins

Paul's daughter Heather Vail Bloom returns to Genoa City as an assistant district attorney, and develops a relationship with her father. Upon discovering that she had been used, Tricia attempted suicide, but was foiled by Ryan. Months later, they came close to a reunion until Sharon mistakenly believed Nick slept with Grace again.

Adam, thinking that he was going to die, showed Sharon a note that said her baby was alive, but Sharon hit her head and forgot about it. He continues detective work, rescuing J.

At first, no one knew Isabella was crazy. Baby switch During her pregnancy, Sharon started suffering from kleptomania and committed herself to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Nick's mother, Nikki, did not approve of Sharon and her mother Doris because of their low social status. After his mother declares his father Carl dead, Christine discovers that he is an amnesiac living in Norfolk. Phyllis became jealous of Sharon's place in Nick's life, prompting her to write a nasty article about Sharon in their magazine Restless Style.

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But even after marriage, Nina gave Ryan the sex life that Victoria could not. He was rushed to hospital. When Sharon learned of this, she switched the results, to make everyone believe Nick wasn't Summer's father, so she could comfort and win him back. Adam then save Nick and Sharon's baby to Ashley. She also married Victor, but he soon disappeared and she took over the family company, Newman Enterprises.

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Also in labor in the same mental hospital was Ashley Abbott. Tricia fired at her and Ryan jumped between them, taking the bullets for Victoria. Married life Nick and Sharon wed Nick and Sharon were soon married.

Tricia was institutionalized shortly afterward. Nina showered Ryan with gifts, including an expensive sports car. Cole's rejection caused Nina to suffer a nervous breakdown.