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If the foregoing applies to you, please contact our Sales Department in order to obtain advice on the appropriate type of license. You are under an obligation to remain informed by regularly checking the Internet site for changes to this Agreement.

You must ensure - at your own cost - that the necessary technical conditions have been met for TeamSpeak to provide help. Moreover, for the circumstances set out in No. Even parts of this license virtual server are non-transferable. However, should you require a larger number of servers or slots, it may be possible to issue a user-defined license in order to meet your needs.

You shall accept a new program version of equivalent value or a prior program version of equivalent value that is free of defects, unless this proves to be unreasonable. Worldwide Server Locations.

In the event of an infringement, No. You are obligated to promptly install server upgrades after they are released. Server Status Script Display the status of your server on your website. All accounting, billing and payment matters are handled by TeamSpeak Systems Inc. The increased usage fee is then to be deducted from the damages to be paid.

Once you have paid, the license is automatically provided and you shall receive your license key by email. It will automatically extend itself for another year if no termination takes place before the contract's expiration date.

Resale or transfer is prohibited. In that case a new price list will be sent to you. Apart from the conditions of this Agreement, you are required to obtain the prior written consent of TeamSpeak in order to hand over the standard software to third parties e.

All deadlines are calculated, unless determined otherwise, as of receipt by the recipient of the notice. Use text commands from your TeamSpeak application to control the music bot. Each connected client occupies one slot.

To discuss this possibility, please contact our sales team. In such instances proof of higher legal fees, expenses of a more general nature or lower damage is not excluded. You have the right to terminate at any time with a period of one month. You are also entitled to demonstrate that a lesser amount of damage has occurred.

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The client therefore usually runs on the computer of the end user. In the case of loss of life, bodily injury and impairment to health, as well as in the case of claims brought under the Product Liability Statute, the statutory provisions apply. This applies especially to tax provisions.

Thus, clients do not communicate directly with one another, but only connect to the server, ultrasurf new version 2011 which acts as an exchange and router for voice communication. Standard configurations for servers and slot counters are offered through our automated sales system. The number of slots can be set individually for each individual server.

In this regard it may prove necessary for TeamSpeak to demonstrate a higher level of damages legal expenses, expenses of a more general nature, etc. An offset shall be granted for possible contributory negligence on your part. You are required to keep sufficiently informed in this regard. In any event, in the case of permissible disclosure to third parties, you must obligate them accordingly.

If necessary, you are to grant TeamSpeak access to your computer system after being provided with appropriate prior notice. For the appearance of the products of TeamSpeak and due to economic points of view issuing permanent licenses is not useful when used for fewer than slots. The increased usage fee shall then be used as a credit against any damages that are to be paid.

The liability for intentional acts is unlimited. In such cases the server software serves as a container for one or more virtual servers that outwardly present themselves as independent stand-alone units. The objection of contributory negligence is open to TeamSpeak.

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Easy User Interface With an easy to use web interface you can easily customize your music and bot. Several clients can communicate with one another, if the communication data is routed through the server and distributed by it to other clients.

If data protection provisions of countries other than Germany require compliance with other mandatory regulations, then both contracting parties are obliged to comply with them. The payment of taxes is your responsibility.

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This does not exclude proof of a higher level of damage for TeamSpeak legal fees, fees of a more general nature, etc. You have the right to terminate your use with a notice period of one month. You are not a consumer if you meet the definition of one who is commercially active Section I.

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TeamSpeak retains the right to terminate this Agreement and to revoke your license if you violate any of the provisions of this Agreement. If and when available, you shall receive free standard software upgrades. Group Permissions Restore Make a mistake?

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Need a TeamSpeak Server for your group? The provisions of countries whose rights are affected by the use and dissemination of the standard software are mandatory provisions that must be complied with. No claim to the provision of the user-defined license exists.

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In the case of simple negligence TeamSpeak is only liable up to the amount of typical damages that were foreseeable at the time of concluding the contract. If new versions with enhanced functionality are released, TeamSpeak has the right to implement reasonable fee increases. As soon as the user disconnects from the server, this person's slot becomes open and is once again available for incoming connections.

This Agreement becomes effective on the date of your acceptance thereof and is to remain in force until the provisions set forth herein expire or are terminated. Any notice of termination is required to be at least in a text format e. You are obligated to reimburse expenses if no defect is found.