Why Timmy Tdat Is The New Sherrif In Town

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Why Timmy Tdat Is The New Sherrif In Town - Youth Village Kenya

The two would later break up

The paradigm shift began a few months ago. There was one point in time, where It seemed like Timmy was involved in every hit song on the radio. Guys like Kristoff are already starting to struggle yet Timmy is releasing hit after hit. Right now, at this very moment, Timmy Tdat Is the best artiste in Kenya.

But right now, at this very moment, Timmy Tdat is the hottest artiste in the game. In a country where public opinion is the undisputed truth, the response to his songs has been palpable.

Nothing lasts forever and by next week, the pendulum can very well swing in another direction. Away from his relationship drama, Timmy Tdat before all the fame actually faced a lot of struggles when he was an up and coming artiste. So while fans searched for insight on their favorite songs or his person affairs, Timmy, in turn, increased his profile by keeping his mouth shut. Timmy drops lyrics that are mostly in Swahili and Sheng, delivered with a touch of humor in most of his smash songs. At the end of the day, it all comes down to making hit records.

Even when it felt like people were hopping off the Pacho bandwagon, his knack for making hit records never faltered. This is really interesting, to think that the same guy who now raps about women used to actually rap gospel songs back in the day. Fans of Kenyan music are fickle. He unwittingly watched and seized the throne long time ago as he rest slept.

The two would later break up, with each one moving on with their love lives, but promising their fans to continue working together. They can turn an artiste from being hot today to being lukewarm tomorrow.