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Ki Joon speeds in his car, and he ends up at a beach, staring out into the ocean. Ki Joon meets with his Aunt, who asks him to take care of the Yoon Joo problem.

The taxi driver asks Ah Jung where she wants to go. She offers to pay for the taxi fare. Ah Jung passes out in the taxi.

Which is when Jae Bum comes back inside the house to retrieve his cell phone, and has clearly overheard this conversation. As Korean films became more diverse in terms of genre, Yoo found opportunities in increasingly weighty roles, and now has become a bonafide marquee name in the box office. Jae Bum tells her to be better to her dad. His uncertainty and teasing ways, her obvious worry and concern for him, all of it unfurling in plain sight of each other. But narratively this was absolutely necessary, we need to cross this bridge for Ah Jung and Ki Joon to actually have a chance to have a real possibility together.

The ex-couple separated in mutual understanding and decided to maintain a supportive senior-junior relationship. Ki Joon goes into the house and gets a call from Park Hoon. She goes off to prepare the contract and send it to Shanghai. But if he texted back that he was still sick, then she would worry.

Ah Jung walks outside, and then she starts to cry, finally doubling over and sobbing her heart out right there on the empty street. The problems with this drama are too numerous and too late to fully fix. Both girls are in a state of shock. Jae Bum gets up to leave, wondering if he came at the wrong time. His major source of earning is from acting in dramas and modeling.

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They end the kiss, and Ah Jung smiles, saying that it tastes sweet. Within a vacuum world, Ki Joon and Ah Jung would naturally gravitate towards each other, their relationship dance going in ever tighter concentric circles with each interaction. He flops down on the sofa, turning around to lay on his belly. Ki Joon looks at his watch, dating ideas in johannesburg and makes a decision. Ah Jung goes with him and walks into a private dining room where Aunt and Ki Joon are having a meal.

Ah Jung drives, and she starts to sob. She grabs his cellphone and sends a text to Park Hoon. Ah Jung lies that Ki Joon is busy. Ah Jung knows how loyal Ki Joon is. Sang Hee leaves, and ends up calling Ah Jung from the playground.

At work, Ah Jung overhears her co-worker on the phone discussing leaving someone sick at home, and how hard it is. Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk out of the house. Aw, was it his guilt towards Woo-tak that was weighing on him all this time?

Ah Jung crumbles up the paper and leaves. So Ran actually looks worried as Ah Jung walks out of the apartment. Oh my lord, kill me now with the hotness.

Finally Ki Joon grabs Ah Jung and pins her hands behind her back. Jae-chan runs as fast as his legs will take him, and the autumn leaf floats up from the impact. Otherwise it becomes a crutch. She then smooths out the paper and looks at the address and name.

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Ki Joon watches her leave, and then he looks down at the bowl of porridge. Though introverted, Yoo slowly began to learn how to act on stage. She looks at him, asking whether this is acting or for real? Despite a short screen time, his performances made a strong impression on audiences and critics. Chief Choi lands on the concrete with a frightening thud, and he calls out to Jae-chan weakly as blood pools around his head.

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He is also known for his good looks and girls go crazy for him. She asks Hoon to call her if he hears from Ki Joon. He wants to say something, but she cuts him off. He checks his phone again.

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But he ends up not sending any of the texts. Yoon Joo arrives at home, and Ah Jung tries to force herself not to look at her. The text says that Ki Joon wants the spend the day with a woman, and for Hoon not to come bother him. He hops over to Robin while cooing at him in baby talk, which is embarrassing for everyone but Jae-chan. But acting remained his passion and he concentrated on his theater work rather than his fashion subjects, barely graduating.