Updating a session variable without postback

Updating a session variable without postback

Codebehind trimmed in default. In addition to this you can use Roles. Your maintenance is going to be a mess. Notice that Visual Studio has automatically added a compilation reference to System.

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Second thing, you are repeating your variable names too many times. Instead, you should leverage MembershipProvider and RoleProvider to authenticate your users and to keep track of them. That is, you are using hard coded strings which point to the same thing in too many places. Be sure to wrap this tag around your Label and Button so that the markup is well-formed. You may set their text properties to whatever you like.

Instead you should leverageNotice that Visual Studio has automaticallyCodebehind trimmed in default

They will always be null and your if and else if will never happen. Rethink your strategy and what you want to achieve. Visual Studio will prompt you to add a web.

IsUserInRole or some other static method in the Roles class. Note how no source code changes were required to support partial rendering - only markup was changed. By using this control you don't have to bother with the checks that you are conducting.

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Session Variables Lost on postback

Your maintenance is going to beIn addition to this you