Updating filezilla server

Updating filezilla server

Only one limitation is that you

We have a very basic configuration file FileZilla Server. This info is needed so that you can find the files later. This operation is also quick and after it finishes its work we will have clean system.

The FileZilla server is not distributed as portable. The default path is inside the bit Program Files folder. In such case you can either search for some other software or to try to make it portable.

We do not need this file further. However, the installation process will generate a basic configuration file. Making it portable I will create a portable version in another folder. We do not need either the desktop icons or startup menu.

We can uninstall everything

We do not need any file in the Program Files folder. In the end we will uninstall FileZilla from the disk. Next step is a destination folder.

We can start the server fine from the command line. Therefore, you can install it anywhere on the disk. When you start the server, it will run in the background without any visible window. The default location is fine.

Furthermore, we can write two simple batch scripts to start and stop the server as we need. You can install it on any Windows platform. Use it as the last resort. If you successfully started the FileZilla server, you can connect to it.

We can do

You can uncheck the last two options if you want. Moreover, you can stop it using the Task manager.

Although free, this server is a feature rich and easy to administer. We also have the uninstall program uninstall. Updating your portable version From time to time we need to update our software. My opinion is that you should install the software and then convert it to the portable version. However, nothing will happen.

Now we will start the installation and wait some time. Only one limitation is that you must create user folders inside your portable distribution and to use them with relative paths. You should always keep your Windows up to date. You can choose any option.

We can uninstall everything. We will copy all files except the last one. We can do a lot of operations from the command line.

We will copy all files exceptNow we will