Updating furniture color

Updating furniture color

We had peachy-beige walls and orange, grainy cabinetry. Luckily, the former owner had already installed gorgeous faucets and crisp white sinks, so those stayed. So, the we went to Lowe's and picked out some cheap faux-wood trim. Our smart storage solutions will provide neat storage and security to ensure that all your confidential documents and office valuable are stowed away safely. Oh, and my budget dried up before I could get a toilet paper holder thingy, so for now, the toilet paper has a bowl.

My way of working with a small budget is to focus on what I can change cheaply and make the best of what I have. The very first thing I did in this bathroom was to paint the cabinetry and trim. It's an easy, affordable solution, and always helps to update an outdated space. During my recent move the movers broke a chunk out of the top front of a new night stand. These guys were so nice and easy to work with, and I was amazed at the low cost for the repair.

Whether it is your winter home in Naples, your lake place in Wisconsin, your ski chalet in Vail, or your island retreat in the Bahamas, Traditions has the expertise to handle projects of any size. Here's that part of the project halfway through. However, in the master bathroom I ran into a problem.

Their craftsmanship and knowledge are unmatched and they are a pleasure. So, here is what the bathroom looks like today. It's nothing special, but it's so much better than before. You can see out into the bedroom. The mirror was attached to the wall with adhesive rather than screwed in like the other bath.

You have the flexibility to special order furniture in the exact finish and fabric to match your decor, or to buy floor models for immediate delivery. It was kinda dingy, and grout paint was an easy solution.

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Take the bedroom tour here. Whimsical Accessories Traditions prides itself on offering the best collection of decorative accessories available.

Rather than deal with having it shatter into a million pieces, I decided to build a frame around it. It feels totally refreshed and new, and it no longer makes me cringe when I walk in. Now, onto the next part of this bathroom, the mirror. So, I found some big cardboard letters at the craft store and spray painted them white.

You can see that around the edges the mirror was discolored and looked awful. Here is the finished mirror, all framed in. See my best trim painting tips here.

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However in the masterIt feels totally refreshed and new

Stan and Nik did a masterful job of restoring and repairing our treasured items and even replaced a section of walnut paneling. With constantly changing floor displays, every visit provides a new opportunity to explore the latest styles that the industry has to offer. It's such an easy update, and way cheaper than replacing your countertops. Here's the view from the other way.

Rather than deal with havingIt was kinda dingy and groutHere's that part of the