Updating our tom tom

Updating our tom tom

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Upon starting up the system in English language the message appeared that for this language there was no computer voice available. When my TomTom functioned, it was adequate. After searching the web, I found the problem was very common.

This is ridiculous, I have returned the system to the shop immediately and replaced by a good old Garmin. Got to the update software section. However, it was not as accurate as a Garmin.

Never purchase TomTom again

Went to the update section. Your TomTom Discussions user account.

However, I could not connect to MyDrive. Looking at Garmin but who knows if they are any better. When I told them I had lifetime free maps I was told the maps were free - however I had to pay a software fee. It is not possible to reactivate disabled accounts.

When it didn't work they told me to buy a new device, as it came with unlimited updates. However, succinctly, there seems to be no fix once the software has corrupted the internal computer. Open transactions such as repairs and orders. But then the consumer wouldn't buy their products if they were forced to be honest. Never purchase TomTom again, and will use all available avenues to make others aware of TomTom's deceptive business practices.

If you want to buy a brand new TomTom cheap, call me. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

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