Ups package tracking not updating

Ups package tracking not updating

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There might be chances that a barcode is broken or not in a condition to get scanned properly. In fact, when you get that kind of confirmation, it simply means that it takes some time until the tracking label is being scanned. Or else, you can check your local post office, for the reason than sometimes the shipment is already there.

Despite there several scans for your shipment, such as, arrival scan, delivered scan, departure scan, export scan, exception scan and more, the distance between each scan can be far away. The updates you see on tracking dashboard is only because of the barcode scanning. As mentioned earlier that a tracking is updated each time a package is scanned by the shipping carrier.

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Call your shipper if you feel very inconvenient toward this matter. That can also be the reason for not updating the delivery status. Bad weather plays a major hindrance in a package reaching the destination on time and it could be one of the reasons why your tracking is not updating. Due to some reason, it may be possible that your package has not got scanned by your shipping carrier. Following are the place where you can find a tracking number.

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In some cases, there is a delay on the part of the carrier due to which the tracker does not get updated. And the information about your shipment is obtained when scanning procedure is occurred. Another drawback is that, the tracking system can be so confusing sometimes.

For example, one after the other public holiday causes the rise in the number of unattended packages. When it happens, the information that is given is for the next expected day. Keep in mind, if you receive that kind of tracking information, your package is keep moving.

There are intermediary stops where a package scanned before it reaches the destination. Either the shipment will move between countries or plainly cross country, the odds are, the shipment can stay within days at the transit location. It might be possible that a package has not scanned by the shipping carrier due to any reason. There might be chances that a package is not scanned at intermediary stops due to unavoidable reasons or circumstances.

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