Vaseline® Healthy White Lightening Lotion

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However, I like how the lotion is almost scent-less, there's only a subtle powdery smell which lasts for just a couple of minutes so you don't have to worry too much about the smell bothering you. You can see the difference of my skin tone in the following images. It is responsible for the pigment of our hair, skin and iris of the eye.

It works great

It works great as a body lotion because it's really light, in the sense that you don't get that greasy, oily feeling you'd usually get from usual body moisturizers.

Vaseline Healthy White Lightening

It works great for a while, but doesn't really work out for me for the entire day. They act as micro reflectors like tiny mirrors that gives the appearance of radiance instantly. At this moment, my skin is slightly fairer. Clothes just look a lot better on fairer models and that has been a downside for me over the past few years.

Let's be honest, a large majority of us here in South East Asia wish we could be as fair as Korean pop stars and supermodels. With that said, it won't really work that well if you have really dry skin. Melanin is a natural substance that we all have in our bodies.

At this momentThey act as micro reflectors

So I guess, it'll work differently on different people with different job scopes living in different climatic conditions. And the reason why you'd notice an instant brightening effect on your skin is because the lotion contains illuminating minerals like Iron Oxide and Titanium. It has a pinkish tint that creates a white cast on my skin when rubbed in.