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They ultimately voted for his nomination. It questions the ultimate value of an education based solely on the code of courtly honour, and it takes its hero beyond the feudal world of knights and lords to the threshold of a higher order. Schionatulander sets off to find him, but, as we already know from Parzival, he dies in the attempt.

Titurel consists of two fragments, which tell the story of Schionatulander and Sigune lovers that were already depicted in Parzival. When he meets an old hermit who helps him realize the true nature of God, Parzival reaches a turning point in his spiritual education.

Parzival, who is eager to become a knight, leaves the forest home in which he has led a sheltered life. He is rewarded with the title and duties of the keeper of the Grail.

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It is set against the backdrop of the religious wars between the Christians and the Saracens. The modern rediscovery of Wolfram begins with the publication of a translation of Parzival in by the Swiss scholar Johann Jakob Bodmer. For his ignorance, Parzival is punished by being cursed, and in turn he curses God, whom he believes has turned against him. He served as a lieutenant commander in the U. The Saracen king raises an army to rescue his daughter.

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The second fragment is quite different. He returns to the Grail King and this time, having gained wisdom, performs his duties correctly. The unfinished Titurel was taken up and expanded around by a poet named Albrecht, who is generally presumed to be Albrecht von Scharfenberg and who adopts the narrative persona of Wolfram. Mostly it's the lady who wakes the knight up in the morning, but sometimes this mission is made by the watchman. In Parzival Wolfram claims Kyot Kiot of Provence is his source, but scholars have been unable to identify a historical figure by that name and generally believe Kyot to be a fabrication.

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