How to Set Up a Home Jet Pump With a Pressure Tank

Well pressure tank hook up

This eases pressure on the pipe

You need to adjust the bladder pressure of the empty tank to conform to the cut-in pressure of the pump, however. This article describes how to determine the proper air pressure setting in a bladder-type well tank, when, and how to actually change the air pressure in the water tank. That's because water that leaks into the tank's air chamber from a small hole in the tank bladder will not readily return to the bladder water space as you are draining the tank. However his suggestion of using air pressure to force water out of the tank was not correct and could be dangerous.

To add air to a pressure tank you can use any source of compressed air - a bicycle pump will do. Align the inner ends of each union, and screw on the ring nuts at each. The image here shows what typical worn wires look like in a submersible pump.

Verify that it stops pumping at its cut-out pressure. The job requires a degree of mechanical aptitude, hand tools and the help of an assistant. Even with soldered connections, cover them with waterproof, heat-shrink tubing, just to be sure. Adding air pressure will simply press the collapsed bladder more tightly against the water tank's drain opening. If that pressure gauge needle doesn't move when the water is being run or when the pump is coming on or off, it's not working properly.

If your pump is submersible specialReconnect the wiresIf you live

How to Replace a Water Well Tank

If you live in a seismic zone, secure it to a wall or other fixed object with strapping. Reconnect the wires at the pressure switch. This eases pressure on the pipe, making it easier to avoid kinking it. If your pump is submersible, special wire is sold to go from outside your home, down into the well and to your pump. Depending on the electrical system, the breaker may be located at the electrical panel for the house or at a disconnect subpanel near the tank.

Install a shut-off valve in this pipe so that you can disconnect the pump from the tank when you need to make repairs. These can sometimes be found in the basement, or in a cupboard under the stairs.

Just to be safe, use two clamps per joint and spend the extra money for stainless steel ones. Close the lever on the valve when water streams out.

The best kind have a flap of brass inside. The torque arrestor braces the installation against the twisting force of the motor as it starts, preventing rotation, movement and swinging of the pump as it hangs off the pipe. Open the drain valve on the water tank, and drain out the water.

Properly crimped connectors work fine at first, but they are susceptible to corrosion over the years. Read on for all the details. Install a tee in this pipe at a point convenient for connection to the house water system, and connect the water line. Another common problem relates to motor torque, too.

Depending on the electrical system the

Never use electrical tape because it will simply fall off in time. Location of this tap is not important, since all water fed into your plumbing system will flow back into your pressure tank in the house, then to all other fixtures from there.

Check the maximum water pressure you're using against the maximum water pressure rating for the pressure tank itself. Make sure to place the tape around in the same direction as the screw turn, so that it won't be peeled off while re-attaching.