Whack Your Boss

Castle Crashing the Beard. Disquieting Excerpts from My Diary.

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There are no complicated controls to concern yourself with in this title. You know, for those times when you feel like your real life manager is about to walk in on you. Regardless what beef you have with your superior, it can't be good to act out your revenge fantasies.

Dino Robot - Pachycephalo Saurus. Crusaders of the Lost Idols.

Baron Liar Cannon Ball Ride. Escape from the Catacombs. Bubble Shooter Archibald The Pirate. Bikini Bottom Tic-Tac-Toe. This is all just the fun of playing a free video game about killing people, because they inconvenience you.

Watch him beat, bludgeon and skewer his disapproving boss with all kinds of objects, lying around at the workplace. Laugh at the sadistic and gruesome ways the physical attacks on your boss turn lethal. World Basketball Challenge.

Whack Your Boss 2 Super Hero Game

Crunched Metal Drifting Wars. It's all the makings of a serial killer, from beating, shooting and just wacking an unsuspecting boss. Don't you just hate it when you're working on something important and you're interrupted by an office mate asking you to do even more work? Whack the Thief So what do you if a burglar comes into your house?

Carlos and the Dark Order Mystery. Otherwise, you're probably going to be amazed with the sheer creativity injected into the brutal cut scenes. Have you just been asked to stay and work extra hours without overtime pay?

Whack Your Boss Unblocked

After all, who can ever get enough of cutting an office-issued net book with a chain saw. Arkeologist Jurassic Adventure. Click on any one of those to trigger a different animated sequence. There are so many different ways to confront your boss.

Whack Your Boss Unblocked

All you need to do is to keep an eye out for clickable hot spots to trigger the scenes and you're all good to go. Nobody likes getting dumped, most especially if you've been nothing but understanding. This allows you to look for a new way to obliterate the body of your boss once more. Explore your character's workplace to find new ways to kill, maim or outright slaughter your boss during business hours.

Instead of being the ex from hell, why don't you just play Whack Your Ex to express your anger? Whack Your Boss Superhero. Not only does Whack Your Boss have more than twenty ways to get even with your virtual supervisor, vlc for ubuntu 12.04 pausing it brings up a page which disguises it as work research. Add this game to your web page!

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Scan the entire workplace for new items to activate in the hopes of watching a new killing animation unfold. Alexander Dawn of an Empire. Do the same for all twelve unique weapons and you'll have finished the game. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Each of them focussed on you while beating, fighting and killing your boss. All you need to do is to use your mouse to locate interactive objects within your cubicle.

You shouldn't let its title fool you. Dino Robot - Proganochelys.

Once your do that, a short animation will unfold taking place in the same cubicle. Take revenge on your boss, teacher, ex girlfriend, boyfriend, a thief or even a computer with these creative murderous games.

Watch your character turn into a killer and hit his victim until all that is left of them is a large pool of blood. Cloud to Ground Lightning.

Click on one and paint the room with blood. Beat the game by finding all the way sin which you can whack your boss. Each boss battle is a crazy, and bloody depiction of revenge and over-the-top carnage. All animations you will find here are build around a very simple idea.

World Basketball Championship. All you really have to do is find the right object to click on. Instead of scrambling to find interactive hot spots, everything is laid out neatly on the floor.

Whack Your Boss SuperheroWhack It Games

Whack Your Boss Superhero

Luckily you don't actually have to dodge the justice system. After killing the boss, you continue to listen to music comfortably. Combat Tournament Legends. In this morbidly fun boss fighting game, you can play along to make an emotionally unstable, psychopathic employee turn everyday office items into deadly murder weapons.