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She accepts his offer to travel to Argentina with him but they break up soon into the flight O Brother, Where Bart Thou? Though uninivited, Blair bribes her way into the party. Feeling guilty, she breaks up with Nate to keep him and his family safe Easy J. Howard takes it as Nate not trusting him and moves out Damien Darko. Her friends are not too happy about her return, including her best friend Blair Waldorf.

Jenny attempts to sabotage the couple so she can be with Nate. Hurt, he leaves the apartment leaving Serena with Blair, Nate, and Chuck. He's meeting with Maureen, who proposes that he can stay with Serena behind the scenes so long as they stay married in public.

After a confrontation with Tripp, they learn that Tripp paid Ivy's ex Max Harding to drain some of the brake fluid but got played so he did it himself and when he did so, seriously messed up the car. When he learns Raina brought Jack Bass to town to get revenge on Chuck, he teams up with Jack and Chuck to avoid being under the Thorpe wrath. At the hospital, Tripp tries to get in and see Serena but Nate punches him and tells him to leave.

They end up developing feelings for each other and begin dating Empire of the Son. Eventually, it is discovered that Bree wants to take down Carter Baizen, who is dating Serena, for leaving her cousin at the altar.

Novel Series In the novel series, Serena was born into Manhattan's elite society. After ending things with Juliet, he decides to try again with Serena back. In order to end his competition with Dan for Serena in The Witches of Bushwick, they decide to each invite her on a date and whoever's date she agrees to go on, gets to be with her.

Chuck saves him from physical harm by paying his gambling debt, but when Nate tries to repay Chuck, he finds that his trust fund has been emptied Bad News Blair. When he tries to tell his mother the truth, she does not believe him. During Ivy Week, Dan becomes jealous when Nate wins the chance to user the Dartmouth rep, nzsl online dating especially because Nate isn't interested in going there.

Blair tries to win her friends back by inviting them to Eleanor's fashion show. He later confronts his father and accuses him of doing drugs, and his father high on cocaine punches him in the face. On the way to the airport, he witnesses Blair and Chuck's car crash. He later breaks up with Vanessa because he realizes he has a lot going on in his life, and doesn't have time for a girlfriend. Isabel and Penelope ruin the night by throwing a Nairtini at Amanda.

Add an image Later that day, Serena attends Lily and Bart's rehearsal dinner, but after Lily learns the real story, she takes Serena to meet with Pete's parents and absolve her guilt. He asks her what is going on and she lies that she cheated on him.

Nate tries to talk her out of these feelings, as Tripp is a married Congressman and has too much to lose, and volunteers to help her avoid him until he leaves for Washington D. Meanwhile, Charlie decides to compete again Blair's minions to become a bridesmaid in her royal wedding, and her final task is to kiss Nate.

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She asks Nate and Chuck to help and after she's cleaned up, Dan comes by to see her. He then calls Raina and decides to stay with her The Princesses and the Frog. Dan gradually realizes Serena is hurt but assumes that she is purposefully sabotaging his date with Amanda.

Nate's father is transferred to Riker's Island Prison, where he is assaulted by Juliet's brother Ben Donovan as a way to send a message to Juliet about dating Nate. She decides to forgive him and they attend the Kiss on The Lips Party together.

Blair therefore gives Nate the cold shoulder. Jealous of their relationship, Jenny confronts Vanessa, which results in a massive argument.

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He calls his father, who says he's at one right then. Raina decides to search for her mother and Nate agrees to help. They find Serena there, and Blair runs downstairs to tell Serena's date Dan about her sleeping with Nate. The two argue, and Nate eventually finds out the truth.

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He tells William that he plans to run The Spectator without him or his financial help Father and the Bride. Serena is so upset at being used to help Tripp's campaign for Congressman that she informs the Buckleys of Nate's trick and is rewarded by settling Carter's debt Enough About Eve. She once again leaves him heartbroken, choosing Tripp. However, it is a lie concocted by them both so Nate is able to have an affair with an older, married woman and Serena can grieve her relationship with Dan ending. While confronting her, he discovers that William is financing The Spectator and is the reason he got the job.

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He tells Anne, who decides once and for all to end her marriage to save her social reputation than her marriage. Nate returns to the campaign office to confront his grandfather for setting up the scheme, but he denies any involvement.

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Blair again feels that her mother loves Serena more than she loves her own daughter, and is angry that Serena will not be backstage with her as usual. After a trip to Yale in the fall where they each find trouble after an identity crisis where both are known as the other, Nate befriends Dan New Haven Can Wait.

As the summer begins, he runs into Serena and they talk about their plans to be in the Hamptons. They plan to have sex but don't, as he tells Blair that he slept with Serena before they do it. Soon after, Nate reveals to Blair that he slept with Serena before she left town and as a result, Blair begins to ice Serena out of her world The Wild Brunch. Feeling guilty for his death, she left for Connecticut.