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Girls and women in Ancient

In casual context, the word has positive uses, as evidenced by its use in titles of popular music. Hence, this usage is often deprecative. England reaped the reward of her rich education when circumstances resulted in her becoming a capable monarch.

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The status of girls throughout world history is closely related to the status of women in any culture.

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This was often done by teaching different subjects to each sex, especially since tertiary education was considered primarily for males, particularly with regard to technical education. In Europe, exceptions were rare before the printing press and the Reformation made literacy more widespread. Girls and women in Ancient Egypt enjoyed a relatively high social status. This usage may be considered derogatory or disrespectful in professional or other formal contexts, just as the term boy can be considered disparaging when applied to an adult man.

Where women enjoy a more equal status with men, girls benefit from greater attention to their needs. Education in the Age of Enlightenment in France led to up to a third of women becoming literate by the time of the French Revolution, contrasting with roughly half of men by that time.