Who is kylie dating now

Who is kylie dating now

She has built an empire that is running into billions, started a family, and has got her world running in its actual spherical position. They are not wrong at all. His relationship with Kylie stretched on and off until when they decided to walk their separate ways for good.

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In case you have been away to Mars and you are now wondering who is Kylie Jenner dating, she is in a relationship with American rapper, Travis Scott who is also the father of her daughter. The two started dating in and they seem to be into it for a very long time. In addition, she has also been a cover model for several magazines. She has managed to date almost every kind of man the earth has got to offer. She was also featured as a swimwear model for Kandi Kinis.

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His real name is Jacques Webster. She moreover was able to land on an international cover as well. So, she has successfully managed to keep her personal affairs under the wraps until now.

Pretty to see, Hard to catch. Jessica herself said, People often mistake her to be conceited, but once they get to know her, they find her to be cool and down to earth. Her fans call her the next Pamela Anderson. We know she had a boyfriend but they are not in a relationship anymore, after he got arrested. Kylie got her nickname Miss Rabbit simply because she got a butt like a rabbit.

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