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Who is purvi from pavitra rishta dating

Purvi known for her

She got married to Onir to give her daughter a father's name. She says that she is very comfortable working with him, be it a romantic or love making scene or any sort of conflicting scenes, and it is only possible as they share a great amity.

It is only after Purvi saying the fact that she is her sister, he agrees for the treatment and both go to Mumbai. Apple Juice is her Favorite drink. Rithvik too cleverly remarked that their scintillating onscreen chemistry automatically gets transferred to reality which makes people think they have a relationship off screen too.

He also helped his father in business but he did not find interest in it. The same happened with these two couples.

Later on Varsha makesArjun though not happy

Manav gets angry and Archana is upset when they get to know the same. The story takes a six months leap where Purvi is seen to get married to Dr. The couple share a great onscreen chemistry and thereby there are rumors that they are seeing each other. After few months, Ovi is shown pregnant with many complications. When he gets his lady love, he will first reveal it to the media.

He is a complete workaholic and hardly spares time for his friends and family. He has done his education from Dubai. Onir On the other hand, Onir comes to know that both Arjun and Purvi love each other. Here, he played the role of a supporting actor named Parth Mahyavanshi, son to Sashaank and Kadambari. But Arjun doesn't want to as he feels he can't stay without Purvi's love.

Purvi, known for her sacrificing nature like her mother Archana, advices Arjun to marry Ovi and live happily. The family drama made Asha gain popularity as well as recognition. She completed her graduation in B. Arjun and Ovi appear to be a happy couple, but they aren't as Ovi constantly doubts Arjun, and keeps asking him if he has forgotten Purvi or not. Onir on Purvi's request changes babies, which creates lots of trouble to Onir, but he overcome all troubles.

Later on, Varsha makes Soham believe that his parents Manav and Archana don't care about him and that she's the one that cares about him. Arjun, though not happy to marry Ovi, is forced to, because of Purvi and their love.

Arjun shows Onir's letter to Purvi and she is shocked. Archana will not be in touch with Purvi for long time. Onir convinces them to get married and both are back to mantap. They are seen spending time with each other on and off the sets.

We will have to wait for it. Onir's Plan Onir says that he is married before he got married to Purvi. Onir falls for Purvi and proposes her. For all the buzzing scoop from the world of entertainment. Rekha is her Favorite Actress.

She feels more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts, it has always been a matter of confusion when it comes to deciding what to wear. He sees Arjun and Purvi close. Purvi, Arjun and Ovi get trapped in a love triangle. She hails from a wealthy Rajput family settled in North India. Everyone is very happy, except Arjun.

Asha Negi Family, Biography, Husband, Tv Shows, Career or More